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Owner's Representation


As the Owner's Representative our goal is to create successful projects for our Clients. We see ourselves as an extension of our Client's staff and proactively manage their projects and the entire project team to ensure on-time and on-budget completion.


Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each project to:

  • Create high quality outcomes

  • Mitigate the risks inherent in development

  • Achieve our Client's key financial ojectives


We are our Client's advocate throughout the development process.  Throughout all project phases we:

  • Focus on our Client's interests, goals and objectives

  • Provide leadership to the project team

  • Keep the 'Big Picture" at the forefront of all decision making

  • Manage the project budget to achieve on-budget delivery

  • Manage the project schedule to achieve on-time delivery

  • Ensure that all consultants and contractors execute their responsibilities in a manner that best serve our Client's interests and the interests of the project.


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